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If its impossible, Its just not possible, my ten rules!

11 septembre 2012

It’s been so many months that I did not lay an eye on my blog, that the white page is getting dark.Doing my best

Not knowing what to say to someone for me, is like the white page syndrome. In those times honesty is the best exit or the most honourable exit to take. How many time have we been in front of a customer and were not able to deliver the goods as hoped or as promised. Or how many times did I have to call back a customer and did not have the answer he was looking for. This summer for me proved that honesty is the long-run  situation, I guess life has always tried to prove it, but my I must of always been looking elsewhere in those moments. For the past six years, I’ve been selling land in Quebec for a now, friend of mine. Up to February, the owner, another guy (let’s call him Mike) and I, were developing this area of residential land. It was never easy for me and Mike to work together; he was so dark, always doing moves that proved his selfishness. I constantly said to myself, lets do it for the good sake of, the customers, the neighborhood, and the city, the payback will be greater in the long run. Oh for sure if you’re in for the short run, selfishness is the only way to make a buck.

Since February, the owner told him, he did not want to work with him anymore. And since then, I worked like crazy to cover his side and my side, got to say, it paid off very well. Sales are at a historical peak, when everyone  is saying that real estate is going down, we never had sales like that, this morning Phase4 of an 8 phase project is opening and more than half of the lots are sold, isn’t that just great. Since Mike was not around anymore i got to work like I wanted, and I did! I have an 80% closing success, actually I do not close one deal, customers are the ‘closers’, they are the ones putting pressure on me; it is very easy, I dedicate myself to having happy customers, that and only that!

Rules of the trade for me.

1- If it’s impossible, it’s just impossible  sir!

2- If it’s possible, I make it happen!

3- If I say I will call back. I do!

4- If my customer is asking too much, I stand my ground and tell him I can’t!

5- What I give to one, the other also gets it!

6- I always answer my phone!

7- If someone leaves a message, I call back!

8-When I meet a customer, I’m always a few minutes earlier.

9- I always try to look my best.

10- I think honest, and I act honest!

Having the same vision

Dedicating to give the best customer experience!
In the long run, It pays!! Aren’t we in it for that?!





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